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Affect in Psychoanalysis: A Clinical Synthesis

Charles Spezzano, “Affect in Psychoanalysis: A Clinical Synthesis”
English | ISBN: 0881633984 | 2003 | 270 pages | PDF | 10 MB

Drawing on the writings of Freud, Fairbairn, Klein, Sullivan, and Winnicott, Spezzano offers a radical redefinition of the analytic process as the intersubjective elaboration and regulation of affect. The plight of analytic patients, he holds, is imprisonment within crude fantasy elaborations of developmentally significant feeling states. Analytic treatment fosters the patient’s capacity to keep alive in consciousness, and hence reflect on, these previously warded-off affective states; it thereby provides a second chance to achieve competence in using feeling states to understand the self within its relational landscape.

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