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    Food for All Investing in Food Security in Asia and the Pacific – Issues, Innovations, and Practices_OP

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    Food for All: Investing in Food Security in Asia and the Pacific – Issues, Innovations, and Practices
    ADB Publishing | 2016 | ISBN: 9290925159 9290925167 | 370 pages | PDF | 12 MB
    With this book, ADB seeks to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, innovations, good practices, and lessons on food security and to catalyze greater interest and action on the issue at every front.

    Food for All Investing in Food Security in Asia and the Pacific – Issues, Innovations, and Practices
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    To address food security in a sustainable manner, on 7″9 July 2010, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) joined hands to convene the Investment Forum for Food Security in Asia and the Pacific at the ADB headquarters in Manila. This book distills the wealth of information and depth of discussions derived from the proceedings of this landmark forum.
    1 A Multisector Response to Food Security
    2 Food for All through Innovative Partnerships
    3 Country Responses to Food Security
    Bangladesh: Prioritizing agriculture, food security, and nutrition
    People?„?s Republic of China: Steering development orientation as a driver of change
    India: Exploring out-of-the-box options to feed the poor
    Lao People?„?s Democratic Republic: Targeting a viable and resilient agriculture sector
    Pacific Subregion: Building healthy islands through partnership
    4 Fostering Food Security through Regional Cooperation and Integration
    5 Investments for Enhancing Productivity
    Harnessing the potential of smallholder farm organizations: Thailand?„?s Swift Company
    Spurring rice productivity in Asia: A global rice science partnership
    Blending the ancient and the new to provide solutions: Agricultural water management
    6 Investing in Natural Resource Management and Environment Services
    Profitable yet sustainable: Conservation agriculture
    Ecosystem approaches to coastal resources management: The case for investing in mangrove ecosystems
    Securing sustainable livelihoods and environmental protection: Community forestry as a key strategy
    Connecting environment and food security
    7 Building Resilience Against Vulnerability
    A panacea? Agricultural insurance
    Picking the low-hanging fruit? first: Adapting to climate change
    Taking a holistic approach: Transboundary animal disease control
    8 Innovative Financing for Food Security
    Innovative solutions show the way: Lending a helping hand to rural producers CHAPTER 9 Investments in Connectivity
    9 Investments in connectivity
    Solutions from smallholders
    How livestock smallholders help out: Upgrading food security in the Greater Mekong Subregio
    Increasing the market chain participation of small producers: The NorminVeggies case
    Resolving quality control and market access for small farms: The K-Farm Carambola GAP Program
    Solutions from the corporate sector
    Integrating the food supply chain: The win”win strategy of Field Fresh Foods, India
    Hello, markets! How the e-Choupal makes connectivity work
    Harnessing public”private partnerships in Asia: The UN World Food Programme
    The food and nutrition security nexus
    10 Perspectives from Key Stakeholders
    The outlook of development partners
    The private sector perspective
    The voice of civil society organizations
    Investments for Food Security in Asia and the Pacific: For whom and for what?
    11 Road Map for Change
    Summary Remarks of Ursula Schaefer-Preuss, ADB
    Summary Remarks of Hiroyuki Konuma, FAO
    Summary Remarks of Ganesh Thapa, IFAD
    Asia & the Pacific Regional Food Security
    Partnership Framework by and among ADB, FAO, and IFAD
    Appendix: Program of the Investment Forum for Food Security in Asia and the Pacific
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